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Kelly Poss
AC Reynolds MS & HS

(A.C. Reynolds HS)
Personal Records:  55M Hurdles (30") 9.44,
100M Hurdles 16.96, 300M Hurdles 56.37
Conference & County Champions
Gold Medalist, 1998 French Broad Middle School Conference Champion, 55M Hurdles
Silver Medalist, 1999 MAC Conference Championship, 100M Hurdles
     Silver Medalist, 1999 Buncombe County Championship, 100M Hurdles

Member of AC Reynolds 2000 Championship Shuttle Hurdle Relay Team (Schillo, Walker, Poss, Milam)
School Record Holder, A.C. Reynolds High School, 2000 Shuttle Hurdle Relay Team (Schillo, Walker, Poss, Milam)


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        Kelly Poss,  ACRMS & HS Conference Champion  






55M Hurdles

1997 7 9.90   ACRMS
1998 8 9.44 1 ACRMS Conference Championship


Kelly Poss  Kelly Poss Kelly Poss, 2nd from left, WHKP Champions, Shuttle Hurdle Relay  Kelly Poss and Coach Pantas, 8th Grade,  Kelly Poss, Middle School meet, 55 Hurdles.