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Juliana Haile, Julie Osborne, Sarah Owenby and Vonda HarrisonThis website is my tribute to the many great hurdlers  I have had the privilege of working with as a hurdles coach for A. C. Reynolds High School in Asheville, North Carolina and the Asheville Lightning Junior Olympics Team. It is also a record of their accomplishments in hurdling and a testimony to their individual success in one of the most difficult and challenging athletic events on the planet. A hurdles race, regardless of the distance,  is essentially a savage event by nature, since the element of danger is always present. The hurdler must run at top speed clearing hurdles in his or her lane on the track, and falls and injuries frequently happen,  even at the elite level. Courage, coordination and concentration are the hallmarks of great hurdlers, and when done properly hurdling is not just an athletic enterprise but an artistic expression of extraordinary grace and elegance. It becomes performance art of the highest order. This site is dedicated to my daughter Susanna and my son Daniel, two of the first hurdlers I ever coached, and two of the best.       
                                                                                  Coach Lee Pantas

2005 AC Reynolds Shuttle Hurdle Relay Team
Juliana Haile, Julie Osborne, Sarah Owenby, Vonda Harrison
    Broke 45 year-old record at 2005 Volunteer Classic: 1:05.04* 

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Opening meet of 2018 Season
Sweep in both hurdles 1-2-3 by Carolyn, Emery and Yiwen
Carolyn and Will first in 100/110H and 300H



Girls/Young Women
Anderson, Kaitlyn
Autrey, Jenna
Baird, Mandy
Baird, Skyler
Baldwin, Rachel
Barefoot, Rene
Beam, Stacy
Bennett, Megan
Blate, Marcia
Borum, Victoria
Bowditch, Kiana
Bowers, Emma
Brazeau, Morgan
Bridges, Brittany
Brown, Jamie
Brown, Jessica
Buckner, PennyLane
Butcher, Claire
Butler, Deanna
Butcher, Claire
Caldwell, Brooke
Carroll, Brittany
Chestnut, Zoe
Clapps, Laura
Clayton, Gina
Cochrane, Emma
Coffey, Alisha
Cole, Hebron
Coles, Kourtnai
Cooper, Emily
Cooper, Lori
Cooper, Micalea
Croghan, Raeona
Diaz-Loar, Emily
Dietz, Carolyn
Dillingham, Tiffany
Edgerton, Brittany
Edwards, Maddie
Frempong, Anu
Frempong, Beatrice
Frempong, Leslie
Gorglione, Jen
Gothberg, Alissa
Graham, Catherine
Haile, Juliana
Hampton, Keyara
Harrison, Vonda 
Harvin, Lexi
Hawkins, Ordashia
Holcombe, Jorden
Holcomb, Kenzie
Hollifield-Wiggs, Amara
Jones, Miah
Jordan, Ginger
Kania, Hannah
Kania, Lee
Kavanuagh, Aimee
Kepple, Ella
Kessinger, JoJo
King, Kaylie
King, Kendall
Kimble, Emily
Kiratzis Zoe
Koppe, Carley
Laney, Mckenzie
Lang, Emery
Lee, Bobbie
Lorenzen, Kaylee
Manee, Diana
MacNair, Rebekah
McDowell, Kenzie
McKee, Erin
Mcvay, Corey
Mercer, Meredith
Micale, Chloe
Milam, Erin
Montgomery, Emagine
Nelson, Sophia
Nelson, Sophie
Norlin, Miranda
Nowell, Olivia
Ortiz, Journey
Osborne, Julie
Owenby, Sarah
Pantas, Susanna
Patterson, Sheridan
Peterson, Michelle
Peterson, Ruth
Poss, Kelly
Prather, Jasmine
Prather, Jesmine
Ray, Christen
Reeves, Lana
Richardson, Mariah
Roark, Hillary
Robertson, Tatyana
Rohrer, Rebeca
Ryman, Lila
Sayles, Hannah
Schillo, Liza
Silvers, Daniele
Simpson, Claressa
Smalls, Tyanna
Soule, Kendall
Stafford, Whitney
Stevens, Meghan
Stone, Sammy
Sullivan, Kim
Taylor, Emily
Thornburg, Whitney
Treakle, Sophia
Villareal, Nashala
Walker, Anna
Walker, Courtney
Walker, Makyia
Walters, Megan
Ward, Mia
Ward, Terran
Ward, Tia
White, Sharniquia
Wiggins, Damiyah
Williams, Corey
Willliams, Lillian
Williams, Racquelle
Woods, Mikaia
Worth, Anne
Wright, Elise
Yin, Yiwen




















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Girls/Young Women
: The Fastest Times

55M H (MS): Tia Ward 9.00
55M H (HS): Brittany Carroll 8.22*
60M H (HS): PennyLane Buckner 10.48*
80M H (JO): Kenzie McDowell 13.92*
100M H (JO): Sophia Treakle 16.54*
100M H (HS): Brittany Carroll 14.14*
200M H (JO): Sophia Treakle 30.53*
300M H (HS): Sophia Treakle 43.15*
400M H (HS): Sophia Treakle 61.11*
2000M Steeple: Whitney Thornburg 7:23.75*

Liza Schillo,       
      Liza Schillo                                 Sophia Treakle

   Boys/Young Men: The Fastest Times

55M H (MS): Deshawn Finley 8.08
55M H (HS): Cade Liverman 7.34*
60M H (HS): Cade Liverman 8.11*
80M H (JO): Andrew Altice 13.84*
100M H (JO): Cory Moore 15.26*
110M H (HS): Kris Fant 13.86*
200M H (JO): Andrew Altice 27.53*
300M H (HS): Cade Liverman 37.60*
400M H (HS): Kris Fant 55.83*
2000M Steeple: Jason Capps 7:15.14*

Cade Liverman                                            Kris Fant
  13.87*                     Same Race!             13.86*

Susanna Pantas

Susanna Pantas

Daniel Pantas

Daniel Pantas

Slide Show of Former Hurdlers














Boys/Young Men
Albrecht, Jack
Altice, Andrew
Amaya, Yonatan
Arboleda , Ethien
Ashe, Phillip
Banks, Zach
Barker, Drew
Boeque, Robby
Blakey, Thomas
Blazer, Jordan
Chazotte, Tyler
Cole, Jesse
Collins, Aubrey
Councell, Ben
Credle, Devon
Cross, Mitchell
Cunningham, Devante
Cunningham, Mac
D'Angelo, Justin
Ellison, Michael
Evans, Tucker
Fant, Kris
Fentzlaff, Garrett
Finley, Deshawn
Flythe, Karmarion
Gilkerson, Will
Gorman, Ben
Gorman, Matt
Goss, Greg
Gregory, Antonio
Griffith, E.J
Harris, Tyrique
Hughes, Tyerell
Jackson, Marcus
Johnson, Matt
Johnston, Patrick
Jones, Josh
Karout, Sadik
Keith, Elvin
Kennedy, Sean
Kiel, Walker
Koch, Hunter
Kovacs, Chad
Liverman, Cade
Logan, Antonio (AJ
McKnight, Terrance
Mimms, Will
McClure, Mycal
McNair, Simon
Moore, Brent
Moore, Cory
Murrill, Jeremy
Mwetta, Terrell
Neuhauser, Aaron
Norlin, John
Norlin, Milo
Noska, Frank
Pantas, Daniel
Palas, Jake
Palas, Sid
Poole, Daniel
Proffitt, Josh
Roberts, Mason
Robinson, Michael
Robinson, Shawn
Ruley, Garrett
Scarbrough, Joe
Selle, Michael
Shepherd, Stuart
Skroski, Nate
Simmerson, Michael
Smith, Zach
Stallworth, Tyler
Swann, Mario
Taylor, Kilian
Twitty, Austin
Wadopian, Joel
Walker, Tony
Watkins, Christian
Weber, James
West, Sage
Yoder, Sam










































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